I never really used a camera until my first photography course at Pratt Institute, and from that moment on I was in love. I have always been drawn to different textures. I want my artwork to be visually compelling with color, texture, typography and negative space. Using these elements to steer your eyes around the piece of work, I want you to get closer to the photo to see all of the lines and crevices. It is important to remember the old and to be able to see the beauty in it.

Another aspect of my art career has been building brands. I worked with a Belgian Bakery for 6 years and supported the brand in 18 countries, evolving from 50 locations to 150. This taught me the importance of having a coherent vision and concept.  

As I continue with my art career I hope to travel as much as possible and work with children in orphanages.  Helping them with art therapy and watching their imaginations wander, giving them a chance to express themselves.  I will also have the advantage of visiting beautiful countries, cities and towns and learning their different cultures.